It’s funny how you grow up saying “I will not conform, I will see it all” and now I am like “I just wanna chill out”. What has been of my life in the last five years? I cannot remember much. It’s been a blur and now I am exactly a week from my wedding. I am shocked. Love is such a crazy, unexpected thing. Not everyone is lucky enough to live crazy. Some of us don’t even know how to. I have always been a “crazy” person. A wild spirit since the day my atoms formed. Now, I officially have a crazy person of my own. Yep – my person. Who would have known that in this planet there was a person just for me? There are so many things on this planet that I do not understand, or even bother to try to understand anymore. I have come to trust that my ability to understand myself and those around me has brought me here and that’s okay for now. I think my life right now is a testament to myself that you can literally be whoever you want to be when you “grow up”. It’s pretty fantastic how it feels like the rest of my life begins now. You guys, this is pretty wild to type out loud.